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About Us


Rita and her Daughter Gina have been professional pet sitting as a team since 2012. They took their love for animals to the next level and created a family business out of it. That's when "Mommy & Me Pet Sitters, LLC." was born.
For over 11 years, the local community has trusted Rita & Gina with their fur babies when they are away, or at work. A position they both take with honor and pride. 

Gina is a special needs pug mom, and has had a multitude of reptiles and small animals over the years. She is a lover of music -specifically Rock, Heavy metal, and Electronic Dance Music.  She loves a good concert! Gina is also a horror movie fanatic, and has a passion for collection and going to conventions. Halloween is her favorite holiday.

Rita is a senior Pit Bull mom, in addition to being a human mom. Like Gina, Rita is also very into the music community. However, their taste in music a little different. She loves going to see The Grateful Dead & Phish. Rita also loves traveling the states and exploring new places.

Mommy & Me Pet  Sitters is a bonded and insured, limited liability company

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