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Cage Free Dog Boarding & Day Care at Our Home

Want your dogs to have the best vacation ever in a home environment? Our home is the place to be! We watch dogs of all sizes and breeds. We have two fenced in areas, one large area with a pool that we let the big dogs play in, and a smaller area with no pool for dogs of all sizes to play in all year round. Your dogs will receive one-on-one T-L-C. Dogs sleep on the couch, or in their doggie beds. Dogs are not caged!

Dog & People Friendly Dogs Only!

Pick up/Drop off time windows:


7:30/8am & 4/6pm

(Pick up and/or Drop off By appointment only!)


*New clients must have a meet and greet at our home. Also, if you're going away for more than two days a trial overnight is required before you book a stay with us.

*A one night nonrefundable deposit is required when you book us if your dog(s) stay is for 5 days or more. Also, a nonrefundable one night deposit is required for summer stays, and holidays.


(24 Hour Stay)


$70 / Night


Additional Dog:


$55 / Night


Holiday Fee: $10 Extra


Day Care


$40 / Day


Additional Dog:


$35 / Day

Dog Requirements for Boarding/Day Care:

  • House broken. We understand accidents happen, however, we do not watch dogs that are not fully house broken or that are known to mark.
  • One year old or over. We do not watch dogs under a year old or dogs that are over a year old but still have puppy habits such as chewing, excessive energy, not potty trained.
  • Up to date on shots & Fixed; Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella.
  • Dogs MUST be well behaved; dogs must not chew things it shouldn't and must not be destructive. We are a home!
  • Dogs MUST NOT be known to excessively bark or howl. We have neighbors and need to keep the noise down.
  • Dogs MUST be dog friendly with all sizes! We do not watch dogs that are known to have issues or aggression with other dogs.
  • Dogs MUST be people friendly. We only watch dogs that are good with people. Do not have a history of nipping or biting.
  • Dogs must be wearing a collar with ID tags.
  • Dogs must be wearing flea / tick medication.
  • We do not watch dogs that have fleas (or has had fleas 1 month prior to their stay with us).
  • We do not watch dogs that are known to mount other dogs - its not polite and it starts fights!
  • If your dog has bad separation anxiety and is known to bark and cry (especially at night) we cannot watch them at our home.
  • If you crate your dog at night you may need to provide the crate. If your dog cries at night while being crated we cannot watch them at our home.

Transportation Services



We can provide Pick ups / Drop offs within an 1 hour distance from our home, depending on availability.

Fee amount depending on your location.

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